Faculty IV Ethics Committee (EK)

On request, the Ethics Committee (EK) of Faculty IV - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Technical University of Berlin - comments on the ethical justifiability of the goals and procedures for research projects on humans. It is based on the ethical guidelines of the DGPs and the BDP.

Date of application

A precise examination and examination of the ethical justification of a research project that does justice to the protection of the research participants can only be guaranteed before the start of a study. A subsequent vote is not possible with almost all existing ethics committees. The responsibility of the scientist remains unaffected.

Application documents

The components of an ethics application

Simplified application procedure or self-evaluation

The ethics committee processes applications in a tiered process, first going through the self-evaluation process, then you can do a full application. The basis of the self-evaluation procedure is a simple multiple-choice questionnaire. The questions to be answered enable you to evaluate a planned research project based on basic ethical guidelines. There is no further processing by the ethics committee. If a detailed opinion from the commission is required, you will be automatically forwarded to the full application. Your information from the self evaluation will continue to be used.

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